Want to have a cool story to tell your friends about what you did while on vacation in Chatham? Cancel the whale-watch because something exciting and unique that we have been doing here at Chatham Shellfish Co. the last couple of years is hosting private tours of our farm to groups of up to 12 people. We will set out from our historic facility on Oyster River at Barn Hill Landing and proceed up the scenic river to Oyster Pond where we operate Chathams only oyster farm.

Once on the farm, we will educate our patrons on the painstaking work and elaborate process of farming oysters and teach you what it takes to bring these delicacies to your plate. Additionally, you will engage in harvesting your own oysters!

Concluding the tour of our cultivation process and traversing the lease site, we will head back for a private raw bar at our shanty where you will indulge in the freshest hand picked Chatham Oysters!

Rates for the Tour and Raw Bar are $100.00 per person with a minimum of 5 people.

Visit here for ticket information!




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