Learn to Shuck Your Chatham Oysters!

Step 1

With cup down and hinge toward your body, hold oyster firmly in left hand and locate the seam of the two shells with blade and depress knife downward and into oyster. Do not pry.

Step 2

Sliding knife inward, keep tip raised against the bottom of the top shell, a wiggle back and forth while continuing to push knife into oyster will sever the adductor muscle from the top shell releasing the pressure to bottom shell.

Step 3

Pull back top shell toward hinge and remove. Any meat left on top shell should be severed and remain in bottom shell prior to removal. Remove any grit by sliding tip of knife blade along meat and flicking outward. Retain the liquor (juice).

Step 4

Slide knife under the oyster and sever bottom of adductor muscle as you pull toward the side and eventually up along contour of bottom shell (cup). Leave oyster meat in original position and serve.

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